High Voltage Vaporz Shock Treatment & Diode Review: The Fink Vape Reviews

Check out this review of our High Voltage Vaporz flavors Shock Treatment & Diode from The Fink Vape Review.


“Here I review 2 great vapes from High Voltage Vaporz: SHOCK TREATMENT & DIODE
High Voltage makes energy e-liquids that contain Caffeine and a vitamin blend that actually give you a tiny lift of energy without the negative side-effects of caffeine.”

“Now what is so special about High Voltage Vaporz that you can’t get from anyone else? Well that is, these are premium E-liquids and they contain caffeine and a vitamin blend, that provide that provides an all day energy similar to a cup of coffee or a red bull.”… “Kind of like the energy drink of E-liquids”


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.16.03 PM

Shock treatment: “This is a wonderful flavor. Its a pomegranate with a tropical fruit blend.”… “It’s a sweet flavor with a tartness to it on the tongue that is very good. It’s a very delicious flavor.”



Diode: “Very good. This is a peaches type of flavor. This is a sweet flavor, it has vanilla and cream as the added flavors. Its damn good.”… “I can taste the vanilla and the cream aspect of it a lot. So it is a very nice blend, It’s smooth.”

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