High Voltage Vaporz Flavors ϟ


Based in Southern California and founded in 2013. High Voltage Vaporz was designed not only to offer premium quality and great flavors but to also innovate an already saturated market.


Our light caffeination and B-vitamin blend has struck shops like lightning
adding excitement to their juice rack.


Tesla: Kiwi-dragon fruit blend. (energy infused)

Shock Treatment: Pomegranate-apple. (energy infused)

Diode: Creamy orange-peach blend. (energy infused)

Short Circuit: Melon cream with berries. (energy infused)

Resistor: Coming Soon!! (energy infused)

Transformer: Sweet Berry Blend. (energy infused)

Lights Out: Raspberry Chai. (melatonin infused)

We also offer all flavors with out caffeine or melatonin. Nicotine levels offered:

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